iE reports £500K loan system contract

Source: Intelligent Environments Group

Intelligent Environments Group plc (iE), the online software provider for financial services, announces that they have successfully sold their personal loans product to an existing banking customer to provide their customers with an enhanced online system. The initial contract over the first 12 months is valued at approximately £500,000.

The agreement marks the first implementation of Montage, iE's new web marketing product. iE Montage allows customers to independently manage any changes to copy, branding and product details for each site, with innovative test and learn capabilities to ascertain the success of individual marketing campaigns. Phillip Blundell, chief executive of iE, said: "This significant contract substantiates our decision to invest in new products for the consumer finance market. Our sophisticated loan and web marketing products provide banks with a cost effective system which can be independently managed, allowing them to easily implement new marketing campaigns and quickly respond to changing market conditions."

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