Troy touts encrypted printing products for wireless finance

Source: Troy Group

TROY GmbH, the Wireless and Connectivity division of TROY Group Inc. specialised in the development of products enabling enterprises to share intelligent devices made for either wireless or traditional networks, offers solutions which support encryption security demands inherent in the financial sector.

Printing solutions with superior fraud and theft deterrence, a low cost of ownership and a small footprint are needed for many financial institutions. TROY offers products based on both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, as well as creative ideas, to allow users to connect quickly and easily, while maintaining information security.

Connecting in these high security environments is possible with TROY solutions such as:
  • PocketBasic allows numerous users on a single network, to connect to a single printer, thereby allowing sales reps to set up shop and be active in a very dynamic setting. Data protection is a TROY priority, and integrated security standards such as encryption are guaranteed with PocketBasic.
    Windconnect II
  • WindConnect II Bluetooth printer adapter allows users with Bluetooth enabled laptops, PDAs, cell phones or cameras to send documents to a standard printer without connecting a cable to their device. USB and Parallel port versions of the WindConnect II Bluetooth printer adapter are available. The USB version plugs into the USB port of the printer with the provided USB cable and supports a wide range of printers with 1.1 or 2.0 USB ports. The WindConnect II Bluetooth printer adapter with a parallel port plugs directly into the parallel port of the printer. Thus, mobile sales reps are able to arrive to the retail station and print documents quickly and easily!
  • EtherWind-Plus OEM Module is a compact board for integrating embedded connectivity easily at a low cost. The TROY EtherWind-Plus OEM Module has it's own host processor and includes an industry leading network protocol stack to allow connections from virtually any network. Users can share devices simultaneously from Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux, and Netware network operating systems.
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