Unification of Swiss equities trading to SIX Swiss Exchange completed

Source: SIX Swiss Exchange

Effective as of 4 May 2009, the SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd will fully migrate to Zurich trading in the Swiss blue chip shares previously conducted via SWX Europe Ltd.

As announced in November 2008, SIX Swiss Exchange has now consolidated the trading of all Swiss equities under the umbrella of SIX Swiss Exchange. As of 4 May 2009, all Swiss stocks will once again be traded via SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich. The blue chips previously traded on SWX Europe in London will constitute the newly created "Swiss Blue Chip Segment" of SIX Swiss Exchange.

This unification of trading will lead to lower costs as well as a stronger position in the increasingly competitive securities exchange industry. The restructuring will afford trading participants administrative and technical advantages, and issuers will benefit from a reduction of complexity. Going forward, Swiss law alone will be applicable in terms of the regulation and surveillance of issuers and market participants.

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