Ullink upgrades connectivity platform

Source: Ullink

Ullink, global provider of end-to-end connectivity and trading solutions, today announced results on the latest and fastest version of the UL Bridge V3 connectivity platform.

The next generation UL Bridge has already attained benchmarked top speeds of 45 microseconds and average speeds of 113 microseconds per order. These tests were conducted by ULLINK to include full decoding, normalizing, routing and encoding of FIX messages.

"Our benchmarks are already excellent and we are further optimizing our processes to reach ULLINK's target performance of sub-100 microsecond average speeds before mid-2009." says George Gomes, CTO of ULLINK. "We can consider today's figures as proof that ultra-low latency can be achieved on multi-asset class and multi-message formats platforms like the UL BRIDGE."

"The UL BRIDGE sets new standards in terms of latency, throughput and scalability." says Laurent Useldinger, CEO of ULLINK. "Our hosted DMA and best execution services along with pre-trade risk and trading solutions will immediately benefit from this breakthrough. We are proud to continue pioneering advancements in our industry."

The UL BRIDGE allows users to build global DMA, through an applicative environment using ULLINK's extensive library of over 350 plug-and-trade connections and over 40 gateways to the world's largest exchanges. UL BRIDGE users connect and trade across multiple asset classes, using all messages formats, including FIX and proprietary APIs.

The UL BRIDGE comes with a powerful FIX engine, to help easily integrate FIX protocol. This engine is available for download completely free of charge. The UL BRIDGE can be customized with modules for client management, algorithmic and basket trading, best execution, exception management, and pre-trade risk management, providing users with a complete connectivity environment that adapts to all trading demands.

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