Raiffeisen Bank Polska launches m-banking service

Source: Raiffeisen Bank Polska

Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA, a subsidiary of Raiffeisen International, a leading financial corporation in Central and Eastern Europe, has deployed "VIP Mobile" a next generation mobile banking solution.

VIP Mobile is based on the eLeader.MobileBanking platform, the world's first m-banking solution individually tailored to major mobile platforms. The user interface of VIP Mobile has been designed specifically for smartphones with Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems, providing a completely new approach to user experience in m-banking. It also extends the scope of m-banking to include advanced functionalities once only found in internet banking applications, giving the bank's customers the freedom to conduct the full range of their common financial operations via their mobile handset in a very intuitive way. This is the first deployment of tailored mobile banking in Europe.

Mariusz Glinski, Head of Electronic Banking at Raiffeisen Bank said: "Our bank is a market leader in mobile banking in the region and has developed its mobile channel over many years, initially offering simple SIM-based software and later Java-based applications. If we are serious about m-banking, we have to accept that a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to mobile applications will only take us so far in today's market. There is a lack of standards in a mobile world with tens of operating systems, user interfaces, internet browsers, screens and methods of data entry. To create truly usable applications we must take into account the characteristics of each type of mobile device. This is the only way to provide successful solutions which consumers really want to use on their handsets. VIP Mobile, based on eLeader technology, is a significant new step in the mobile banking space, which we believe now has the potential to achieve success on a similar level to internet banking. It provides an unmatched level of functionality, security and unprecedented user experience for our customers."


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