Skyler launches market data management tool

Source: Skyler Technology

Skyler Technology, an innovator in ultra-low latency market data solutions, has launched Market Data Management - a powerful new solution that simplifies the management of multiple market data sources within the enterprise market data infrastructure.

Skyler's new Market Data Management offering is targeted particularly at the growing number of financial organisations that rely on more than one source of data for the pricing of the instruments that they trade. The new solution will help organisations in managing all the different instrument symbols used by each trading venue or vendor feed, removing an ongoing problem for their trading applications, and significantly improving overall data quality, efficiency and resilience.

Market Data Management will enable multiple disparate data feeds to be configured as possible sources of price data for any instrument. The system permits administrators to allocate priorities to each available feed, ensuring that the best data sources are used first, and subsequent feeds are used in the event of any failure. Using this type of service, direct Exchange feeds can be efficiently integrated within a market data system, and used seamlessly alongside consolidated feeds from market data vendors.

Skyler's new solution also enables the creation of 'Super Records' of instrument data that facilitates the creation of consolidated feeds for all relevant data. These can include news flags, settlement codes, benchmark open and closing prices for Mark-to-Market as well as other added value data not found on direct exchange feeds but commonly provided on vendor feeds. These Super Records simplify coding tasks, leaving client applications free to focus on generating trading decisions, and lower the processing and operational resources required.

Market Data Management combines with a new messaging infrastructure that allows the Skyler solution to be simply integrated with existing market data systems. This ensures that Aggregated Order Book products are highly resilient across multiple sources of data, and supports the publishing of total market liquidity to an existing infrastructure without any change to applications. These services can also be combined with Skyler Low Latency Feed Handlers for any direct Exchange feeds, providing customers with a complete 'best-of-breed' solution.

"With Skyler Market Data Management we're solving a number of key issues for the growing number of financial organisations that use multiple market data feeds, in particular where they have to make a specific decision on which vendor - or feed - to use as the source for their trading applications," commented Mark Ford, Skyler Technology's Chief Operating Officer. "Our new solution allows a seamless abstraction of the underlying feeds, allowing us to provide a single subscription to instruments, whatever the source - helping our customers to optimise the investments they've made in market data and their broader infrastructure.

"We also believe that with the creation of Super Records, our customers will benefit significantly from the creation of real-time, 'golden' data copies that will ensure that only best available data for an instrument is used across the enterprise," he continued.

Market Data Management complements Skyler's C3 Liquidity Discovery service that provides flexible requests for aggregated full-depth views of Order Book data across US & European venues, enabling organisations to both manage and enrich data provisioned to the enterprise while maximising their investment in data feeds.

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