CMA launches DataVision sovereign CDS data pack

Source: CMA

CMA, the credit information specialist, today announced the release of the DataVision sovereign CDS data pack.

The pack offers same-day price verification data for CDS referencing international government and US state debt as well as extensive risk and liquidity metrics and implied ratings. Pricing is sourced from DataVision's unique buy-side, consensus based model.

The release follows high demand for independent CDS pricing data on sovereign names from traders, central banks and risk managers as levels of government debt have risen as a result of stimulus measures taken on by governments around the world. The package will enable effective risk management of government bond exposures, accurate daily valuations of sovereign CDS positions as well as informing FX trading strategies.

Laurent Paulhac, CMA's Chief Executive, commented "Sovereign CDS levels have come into increasing focus in recent months as government driven rescue packages have transferred risk from the corporate to the state level. We have noticed demand from firms who are non traditional credit market players expressing a need for accurate price information on sovereign entities so it made sense to offer a new data package which enables clients to effectively monitor the risks associated with their sovereign debt and currency exposures in a cost-effective way."

DataVision provides high quality same day, consensus based price verification data service for CDS, indices and tranches, used primarily for mark-to-market, flash P&L, research and analytics.

Data is sourced from a consortium of over 30 buy-side firms including leading hedge funds, asset managers and the buy-side desks of global investment banks.

QuoteVision, the market leading real time OTC credit market price discovery service, scans free form messages, extracts pricing information, and stores it in a client side database. QuoteVision covers a broad range of asset classes; quotes are matched to industry standard ISIN codes, so traders can be sure that prices are correctly identified. QuoteVision's proprietary artificial intelligence based parsing service combined with CMA's data editorial team ensures that QuoteVision continuously recognises new securities, tickers, entities and name changes resulting from corporate actions.

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