Orange Business Services connects to Bats Europe

Source: Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, the leader in unified communications solutions for the trading community, today announced it has connected its dedicated Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) trading network to Bats Europe, an innovative and technology-leading European multilateral trading facility (MTF).

This connection will enable Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions' network customers, including investment banks and brokers, to connect easily to BATS Europe's growing pool of liquidity, ensuring they meet their best execution obligations. Key benefits of connectivity to BATS Europe include low-latency, scalability, fast provisioning, and access to the wider financial community.

The newly established MPLS network hosts more than 2,000 financial institutions with over 40,000 turrets installed globally and is the first truly global and dedicated secure trading network built. It offers wide and fast links to new MTFs, such as BATS Europe, and to multiple liquidity pools. Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions' network is designed to scale up to meet all customers connectivity needs, in terms of the numbers of connections and dedicated bandwidth.

"This alliance with BATS Europe is part of our ongoing strategy to provide customers with the most efficient access to pools of liquidity. We aim to ensure our customers are receiving the highest value in our services including managed connectivity and smart order routing, at the most cost effective pricing, whilst benefiting from our low latency MPLS trading network. We're delighted to welcome BATS Europe to the Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions community, providing clients with access to a greater range of services, essential in today's rapidly changing market," said Lionel Grosclaude, Chief Operating Officer, Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions.

"We are pleased that Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions is committed to working with us to bring their customers seamless access to the highly efficient, low-latency BATS Europe platform. Using our successful US strategy as a blueprint, we are making markets better by providing easy access to BATS Europe for all European market participants. Connecting to top financial extranet solutions such as Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions is a key part of that strategy," said Paul O'Donnell, Chief Operating Officer at BATS Europe.

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