Chi-X Europe ups messaging capacity

Source: Chi-X Europe

Chi-X Europe Limited, operator of the largest pan-European equity multilateral trading facility (MTF), today announced that the capacity of its core matching engine has been increased to handle 225,000 messages per second, with full redundancy.

With an average internal latency of 350 microseconds and a co-location latency of 400 microseconds, the response times and capacity of Chi-X Europe's technology are among the fastest in the industry.

"We have witnessed an explosion in demand for order messaging capacity, and the scalability of our business model has allowed us to efficiently increase our system's capacity from 30,000 messages per second when we launched two years ago to the 225,000 messages per second available today," said Hirander Misra, Chief Operating Officer of Chi-X Europe. "While we fully intend to continue to innovate to meet our participants' needs and further increase capacity as necessary, it is interesting to note that the message capacities of some of the incumbent exchanges still remain at levels lower than our initial launch capabilities."

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