Kredobank migrates card business to BPC SmartVista platform

Source: BPC Banking Technologies

BPC Banking Technologies, a leading provider of e-payment and card processing solutions for the global financial industry, announced that Kredobank's card products have been completely migrated to a SmartVista based in-house technological platform.

Formerly, KREDOBANK used outsourced processing cervices provided by the First Ukrainian International Bank.

Founded in 1990, KREDOBANK is part of Polish financial PKO BP Group. With the largest Polish PKO BP SA bank being one of its major shareholders, KREDOBANK enters the top-30 of Ukrainian banks. In order to develop its retail business, focused on providing modern financial products and services to corporate clients and individuals, the bank implemented a SmartVista based IT-infrastructure to support large-scale retail projects and to enhance both operations efficiency and customer loyalty. The SmartVista software solution offers broad card processing functionality - from providing traditional transaction switching and card management to supporting multi-channel customer access to their card accounts - and as such serves as a reliable platform to boost the bank's retail business expansion.

By abandoning outsourced solutions, the bank will enhance customer service and increase its operations revenues. The in-house processing center for Visa and MasterCard cards issuing and acquiring enables KREDOBANK to provide clients with innovative retail banking products and services which meet all international payment standards and requirements. The end-to-end solution fits into any multi-channel delivery environment and brings comprehensive features such as fraud prevention and monitoring as well as SMS banking and EMV-acquiring. The modern SmartVista based processing infrastructure provides centralized delivery channels management and supports broad self-service and Internet banking functionality.

"We at KREDOBANK are fully committed to providing advanced financial services that bring maximum value for customers. Our key objectives are to further strengthen operations efficiency, take advantage of the emerging e-payment market opportunities and provide our clients with innovative banking products and services that help us score points in the highly competitive marketplace. We see the SmartVista implementation as an important milestone on this way. Moreover, SmartVista is being continuously improved to meet the latest payment standards, regulations and business practices", stated Dmitry Luchko, Director of Card Operations Center, JSC KREDOBANK.

"KREDOBANK is widely renowned for providing high-quality services to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction. By choosing SmartVista as a means to achieve its long-term business goals, the bank gave credit to the exceptional advantages of BPC software solution. Designed to keep up with the latest payment trends and standards, the SmartVista Suite of software products provides full technological support for the bank's strategic plans that aim to offer innovative card based products and services", said Vasily Volynsky, Director BPC Ukraine.

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