Bank Monarch UK signs for Neptune platform

Source: Neptune Software

Neptune Software today announced that Bank Monarch UK has signed up for Rubikon banking platform.

Bank Monarch Ltd is the UK arm of the US incorporated Bank Monarch Group. Bank Monarch's strategic objective is to position themselves in the front line of leading credit organisations in the finance market through the provision high-level banking services that meet the modern expectations of their customers. Bank Monarch's strategy and top priorities will be; the development of small and mid-size entrepreneurs, full service offerings for corporate clients, operating in financial money markets and the development of partnerships with international financial institutions.

Rubikon will provide the complete set of banking systems solutions at Bank Monarch for retail, corporate, treasury and trade services. The initial implementation will be for the UK operations with the expectation of subsequently rolling out Rubikon into other sites World-wide. Rubikon's modern web-based architecture, rules-based integrated business process management capabilities, model-based products and services factory, combined with continuous operations thanks to the virtualisation of the end-of-day processes will enable Monarch to realise a rapid return on investment.

Quoting Alan Goodrich, who led the sale for Neptune, "we are tremendously excited and pleased to be working in partnership with Bank Monarch helping them fulfil their plans for the UK and international expansion. Bank Monarch first started evaluating Rubikon around 10 months ago against some stiff competition. The Head of IT at Bank Monarch, through his role as CIO at a National Bank, had first-hand experience of one of our main competitors and had been through an in depth selection processes in the past, so we had to be better than the best!"

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