Pivot ships liquidity management tool for OTC markets

Source: Pivot

Pivot, a leading provider of liquidity management and collaboration software to the financial markets, today announced the launch of Instant Markets to the OTC natural gas market.

Instant Markets provides the efficiency and control of electronically traded markets to the less structured, conversationally traded markets without altering existing workflow and relationships.

Instant Markets revolutionizes the way market participants find, publish and manage market liquidity with the following key functionality:

  • Automatic, real-time identification and transformation of price quotes embedded in instant messages into data;
  • Sophisticated, customizable Monitor to view and share liquidity data streams across desks and the firm; and
  • Open access to APIs that allow the flow of data between Pivot and users' analytic, risk management and trade capture systems, among other back office applications.

Without Instant Markets, traders must search through individual chat messages for liquidity information and rekey data from one system to others. Instant Markets automates these steps to reduce risk, errors, frustration and time spent manually managing liquidity. This enhanced control and operational efficiency enables buy and sell side traders to maintain existing workflows and relationships while improving their performance.

"The OTC physical and derivative commodities markets are largely traded conversationally - using phone or simple instant message technologies. These markets offer the benefits of greater customization and personal involvement but are less scalable and trade slower than some listed markets," said John H. Eley, CEO. "Pivot proactively addresses this gap by supporting these OTC markets' unique needs while delivering the efficiency, control and scalability of electronic trading."

Instant Markets is immediately available for the OTC natural gas and weather market and will be rolled out to additional commodity and securities markets later this year. Pivot's Instant Markets offering includes its industry-leading communication and collaboration tools Pivot 360˚ and Personal PivotCast.

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