Netik creates specialist divisions

Source: Netik

Netik, the industry's leading financial data management and reporting vendor has strengthened its offering in each of its target markets through the creation of dedicated solution divisions for Investment Managers, Prime Brokers,/Custodians and Fund Administrators.

Netik's data management products and services, Netik Global Securities MasterSM, Netik Information PortalSM and Netik InterViewTM, are already proven and well used within the investment operations community but this latest development will mean that Netik can now build upon it's already strong product base to deliver superior and more targeted solutions.

John Wise, Netik CEO, stated "We have put these divisions in place to better meet the needs of our clients and provide more specialist solutions. Netik is now very well positioned to deliver solutions even more quickly and at a lower cost than the competition while delivering superior functionality, specifically tailored to meet our client's needs. Our clients will gain significant benefits by leveraging Netik's intellectual capital and shared functionality from within their particular Netik Solutions Group. Each of the solutions groups have their own 'model office' with pre-configured, off the shelf adapters for integration and workflows plus reporting packages that are pre-defined 'starter sets' relevant to the client's business sector, including on-line inquiry sets, role-based explorers, cubing technology for slice/dice analysis."

Brian Lott, EVP Operations, at Netik and who is responsible for the newly formed solutions divisions, commented, "Clients will reap the benefits of solutions that have been developed by a team of dedicated, domain experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in their specific market, but at the same time, has at it's heart the solid foundation of a shared horizontal data and technology platform."

Each of the newly formed divisions will be fully responsible for all aspects of their solution, including development, delivery, project implementation and training.

The resulting solutions, Netik for Investment Managers, Netik for Prime Brokers / Custodians and Netik for Fund Administrators, provide clients with the confidence of a proven platform as well as allowing them access to the rich functionality of a very tailored solution supported by a highly specialized team of domain experts. Brian Lott continued, "Often organizations think that the only route to a specialized solution is through an in-house build project - but there are too many examples of where these have failed and costs have escalated. Many people fail to understand that there is abundant evidence to show that the risk of failure is extremely high for in-house, internally built, data warehouse projects that attempt to deliver data management and reporting solutions. Netik's solutions and services are used by over 90 customers worldwide; they come with a known time and cost to market and are now underpinned by dedicated expert teams leveraging a proven data and technology platform."

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