Lightstreamer adds support for JMX specification

Source: Lightstreamer

Lightstreamer the innovative web push engine for live data distribution is being presented at MEFTEC, and announces the new Lightstreamer Server 2.3 release, which includes full JMX support.

JMX (Java Management eXtensions) is a widespread specification that provides a management architecture and API to allow any Java based technology or accessible resource to be inherently manageable.

Lightstreamer 2.3 includes Sun's JMX Reference Implementation and JMX Remote API. Due to this integration, the system administrator can now remotely monitor the quality of service of the Lightstreamer live data channels, together with the management of many other different aspects of the system. Any JMX-compliant management console can communicate with the JMX 'agent' included in Lightstreamer Server, a bridge for the MBean Server included in BEA WebLogic 8.1 is also available.

Because Lightstreamer was developed in Java to provide a flexible and simple platform when adding live web based services to existing infrastructures, it was an obvious step to add JMX as a means to manage QoS. Subsequent to this release, under current development is the capability to push JMX data to a fully-fledged HTML management console, which will display details of Lightstreamer Server behaviour in real-time. In the next phase, a new Lightstreamer product is planned that will provide any JMX-compliant system with the capability to push JMX data in pure HTML.

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