SIX Telekurs and ValueLink renew data partnership relationship

Source: SIX Telekurs

SIX Telekurs and ValueLink Information Services Limited have renewed their successful data partnership relation-ship.

SIX Telekurs and ValueLink have enjoyed a long and successful history working together with major fund manager and fund ad-ministration clients.

Martin Cole, Managing Director of SIX Telekurs U.K. Ltd comments, "We are pleased to be one of the vendors of choice amongst an exclusive group to provide a pricing feed to ValueLink so they can generate a scrubbed pricing feed for the fund administration sector".

If a ValueLink PriceValidation client chooses to utilise SIX Telekurs' Intraday Pricing Service (IPS) as a data provider, this data will be cleansed against a number of feeds from different data suppliers and internal sources. Stephen Choate, Chief Executive, adds "SIX Telekurs is a natural partner for us and pro-vides ValueLink and our clients an enhanced choice of data providers. Quality of data is an important criterion for ValueLink and our clients when selecting data partners as the quality of a pricing feed naturally enhances the validation process".

SIX Telekurs' Intraday Pricing Service (IPS) provides data elements from the SIX Telekurs' real-time Market Data Feed (MDF). Portfolios can be priced at end of day, at market close, or as an intraday snapshot - at any time. Portfolios can also be identified by a mixture of different financial security identification numbers - an example of one of the many features the IPS service offers.

The ValueLink PriceValidation service is used within the fund administration industry to reduce operational risk in the production of Net Asset Values (NAVs). Extensive and rigorous automated processes and procedures transform client preferred data feeds into a validated pricing file that dramatically enhances effi-ciencies and reduces the risks associated with accurate and timely NAV production.

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