Hypercom talks up card data encryption technology

Source: Hypercom

Hypercom Corporation's (NYSE: HYC) HyperSafe Secure encrypts cardholder data during transaction processing so that sensitive information is never exposed.

The solution specifically combats escalating criminal efforts to steal unencrypted cardholder data through breaches of merchant networks, applications and servers that store and transmit sensitive cardholder data. Hypercom will demonstrate its HyperSafe Secure solution at the Electronic Transaction Association's annual meeting and exposition April 21-23 in Las Vegas.

"Cardholder data breaches must be stopped. Retailers and consumers are demanding action, and the electronic transaction industry has the technology to address and neutralize the threat," said TK Cheung, Vice President of Quality and Security, Hypercom Corporation. "HyperSafe Secure locks down cardholder data, combats data breaches, and adds to the array of high tech, high security tools that Hypercom employs to help consumers enjoy a safe shopping experience."

Digital Encryption and Dynamic Digital Authentication: End-to-End

HyperSafe Secure incorporates state-of-the-art security technology that encrypts sensitive cardholder data before it leaves the terminal so the data is never in the clear until it is securely decrypted at a trusted point for authorization. HyperSafe Secure also uses the proven industry standard Triple DES algorithm and offers clear advantages over competitive products because data is decrypted without having to purchase custom equipment and become locked into a proprietary solution.

HyperSafe Secure also leverages MagnePrint dynamic digital authentication to detect counterfeit credit, debit, gift and ATM cards at the point-of-sale and stop crime in real time.

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