CyberTech reports voice and data recording contract win

Source: CyberTech International

CyberTech International, a leading global provider of advanced voice and data recording technologies, today announced the signing of a contract for 6,000 channels of recording for a globally-branded financial services organisation.

The agreement reflects a worldwide trend toward comprehensive and transparent compliance that exceeds regulatory directives in place in many of the world's largest financial centres. It also represents one of the largest such single contracts both for CyberTech and the call recording industry as a whole.

The agreement grew from a strategic decision on the customer's part to lead in world-class compliance using solutions that exceed regulations while lowering costs of overall ownership. Under this contract, the name of the organisation and other terms are not disclosed.

"As the financial services industry adopts gold-standard compliance technologies and policies to prove and assure value and stability, we are proud to be chosen as this bank's trusted service provider for compliance recording," said Paul Manyweathers, Director Global Business Development. "As one of a very small group of manufacturers equipped to install and support voice recording solutions globally, CyberTech has built a track record of providing cost-effective solutions to the financial sector. We are pleased that this status is recognised through a contract of such strategic importance."

Key factors that weighed in CyberTech's favour during the evaluation process included reduced total cost of ownership, flexibility and significantly expedited turnaround in deployment. Whilst such installations may typically take months to complete and deliver, CyberTech deploys in less than four weeks. CyberTech compliance recording delivers the industry's most advanced, secure and user-friendly solutions available in the market, exceeding regulatory requirements through the ability to reliably record and store calls while leveraging customers' highly secure IT network infrastructures.

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