Fincad updates analytics suite to support CDS Big Bang

Source: Fincad

Fincad, a leading global provider of financial analytics, today announced that it has implemented updates to its Fincad Analytics Suite 2009 for Excel to support the new ISDA CDS standard model for pricing single name CDS contracts.

"The rapid growth of the CDS market has drawn regulatory focus on standardizing the infrastructure of this market. Firms now require more comprehensive coverage to meet various standards," said Bob Park, president and CEO, FINCAD. "The updates FINCAD has made will allow our clients to address these changes, which will significantly affect existing modeling and trading infrastructure. The upcoming changes will provide a means to ensure further consensus of results across positions, and add more transparency."

The FINCAD Analytics Suite 2009 for Excel now includes a workbook that implements the ISDA CDS model. The new workbook allows users to implement the ISDA model in a format very similar to FINCAD's current solutions. Included within the workbook are easy to use dropdowns that provide the available choices along with additional outputs such as fair value, par spread and risk assessment outputs.

The FINCAD Analytics library of financial instruments in all major asset classes provides users with the advantage of using one source to value and measure the risk of a wide variety of financial securities and derivatives. It is one of the most extensively documented financial analytics solutions in the industry. This provides transparency and enables users to verify valuation and risk calculations.


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