Aim-To launches contract management platform

Source: Aim-To

Aim-To, a leading provider of expense management solutions for financial services firms, today announced a new contract management platform for its HedgeSpend product.

HedgeSpend's contract manager allows clients to upload all contracts and vendor information onto a private website in order to consolidate firm-wide information and automatically notify users of key contract dates, prices and terms in order to save time and reduce costs.

HedgeSpend software provides "on-demand" web-based solutions to allow customers to create operating advantages that rationalize, simplify and automate current contract and expense management capabilities in order to drive cash flow improvements and boost the efficiency of managing a business's capital.

John T. Vaughan, President of AIM-TO, said, "Financial companies often struggle to locate and manage their existing contracts. By using HedgeSpend our clients access contract management solutions that provide visibility into contracts and expenses. This enhances both compliance and cost reporting and serves to streamline administration processes. These are key factors in achieving success in an industry with shifting regulations that often makes it difficult for companies to maximize profits and minimize risks."

Mr. Vaughan points to the example of several of his clients listed in a recent Wall Street Journal article titled "Brokerages Tighten Hedge Fund Financing (February, 2009)" as firms that are in good shape to survive the current economic downturn as successful examples of firms optimizing operational efficiency by automating contract and expense management solutions.

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