TPS reports Bank Melli Iran contract

Source: TPS

Bank Melli Iran (BMI), also called the National Bank of Iran, has opted for TPS Phoenix for its ATM and debit card program for its branches in Oman.

Being the first national Iranian bank, BMI is now the largest commercial retail bank in Iran with over 3300 branches and 43,000 employees.

To keep up with the competition and to cope up with the rapidly changing market dynamics, Bank Melli Oman decided to migrate to Phoenix switch from its existing transaction platform. The previous already running switch architecture did not offer the flexibility of enhancing or incorporating feature rich services over the alternate delivery channels for its customers in Oman.. Phoenix was selected among the world class solutions, because of its flexibility, time to market the solutions and the functionalities of Phoenix which range from the ATM switch to the integrated delivery channel manager

Phoenix, as a unified ATM controller and a debit card switch, will initially work as an ATM controller and integrated delivery channel manager besides providing deposit functionality through the cash deposit machines while in the later phases it will also provide EMV acquiring. The uniqueness about the cash deposit functionality will be that it will offer card less deposit automation which means that any customer walking in to use the cash deposit machine will be able to do so without the need for a card and also that the deposit functionality will be incorporated into the banks self service infrastructure, Phoenix. The scalable and modular design of Phoenix will enable the bank to add new services and delivery channels as and when required.

Switch migration, being a complex and a multi-pronged activity will be divided into several stages to make the entire process seamless and to ensure that the banks customers face no interruption in the services.

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