Billeo adds Mac support

Source: Billeo

In response to customer demand, Billeo the company that gives consumers unprecedented choice, control and convenience when paying bills and shopping online, today announced availability of Billeo for the Apple Mac.

Billeo's award winning, browser plug-in allows users to set up a "one stop shop" transaction center with stored account information, card data, reminders, saved receipts and much more. Billeo also announced that the company has integrated community learning as part of Billeo's save receipt feature. With this feature Billeo continuously learns from the community of Billeo users to automatically categorize your web receipts based on the most popular selections other users have made.

Billeo is the first product for the Mac that goes beyond one-dimensional password and filing tools to focus on what most users want-a way to make the everyday tasks of filling passwords, paying bills and making purchases online quicker, easier, and more organized. Billeo includes bill reminders, password management, form filling, bill pay and shopping directories, auto-save of receipts, search of receipts saved, and transaction charts and reports. Billeo does all of this without the tedious data entry, complexity and time required of all-in-one personal finance products. Billeo for the Mac is Firefox native, taking advantage of Firefox performance and quality and the stylized Mac user interface.

"We saw overwhelming demand from the Mac community for the Billeo product," said Murali Subbarao, Founder & CEO of Billeo. "In this tough economy, everyone, regardless of what platform they are on, wants money saving tools, like Billeo, when transacting online. The Billeo solution helps consumers to hold onto their money longer and avoid late fees by paying bills the day that they are due. Billeo also enables consumers to shop online smarter and take advantage of their credit card's reward programs".

Billeo streamlines the online transaction process by giving consumers complete control over when and how they manage, organize, pay bills and shop online. The downloadable toolbar which powers the Billeo Bill Pay Assistant, Shopping Assistant, and Password Assistant Assistant products offers a one-step password log-on and one-click completion of online shopping checkout and bill payment forms. Payments are made directly to the billing company and shopping websites. Billeo makes it easy to get instant access to your credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts and gift and prepaid cards when making a payment online. Payments and credits are instantaneous, and electronic receipts are automatically captured, categorized, saved and filed. Billeo users have shopped at over 11,000 sites. Billeo assists users paying bills directly at over 9,200 company websites across 26 categories, including utility, wireless, insurance, cable and credit card companies allow their customers to pay their bills and shop online using Billeo. By searching the Billeo Directory users can quickly determine who accepts online payments and which payment methods they allow (credit cards, ACH payments, etc.). And the Billeo Biller Directory is the largest available, anywhere.

Users are saying that the Billeo product "makes paying bills actually fun" and that "life has been much easier since finding Billeo." Jamie Nero of Roseville, CA said, "Billeo has created a new and innovative tool for free! Thank you for adding the new, user-friendly Splendid Search feature. It's working marvelously!"

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