Vantage launches data dashboard

Source: Vantage Software

Vantage Software, the only vendor that provides modular software that easily extends the existing systems private investment firms have in place, today introduced Vantage Insight, a web-based data dashboard that consolidates data across a firm's varied sources, making it more easily accessible to internal and external stakeholders.

Vantage Insight provides visibility into a firm's investment activities from a high-level, spanning multiple funds and strategies, down to the detail of individual portfolio companies and their operating performance.

"Vantage Insight aggregates and presents data in a consistent, polished and professional format, enabling firms to unlock the full value of data across disparate data sources," said Vantage CEO Greg Woolf. "But it doesn't just provide access to data. It enriches data from underlying databases, transforming it into actionable information and organizing it in whatever format the firm requires."

Investors, deal teams and operations personnel benefit from a consistent, enterprise view of data. However, users can also drill down at whatever level of granularity they require, such as comparing operating results to benchmarks, or evaluating individual funds or companies by strategy, industry, sector, currency or other investments in the same class. Users can organize and analyze data by funds, portfolios, holdings, assets or companies at any time, instead of waiting for quarterly reports.

Vantage Insight strengthens client relationships through improved communication; increases investor confidence through greater transparency; provides in-depth information for asset valuations; helps analyze investment holdings to support decision making; and improves staff productivity.

Firms control user access at all levels of information or functionality. Access privileges can be granted at a high-level aggregation of results by line of business down to detailed portfolio company valuation and operating results. Vantage Insight also tracks important messages, recent documents and upcoming events, and provides an in-depth analysis of current market values.

"Vantage Insight expedites analysis and reporting by virtue of its intuitive user interface," Woolf added. "Yet it is user-friendly enough that relationship managers and invand investors who may not frequently work with financial software can use it without extensive training."

Built on the Microsoft .NET framework like all Vantage Software products, Vantage Insight can integrate with and consolidate data from virtually any in-house or third party solutions, including portfolio accounting and contact management systems, third party administrators as well as portfolio company data feeds for integrated operating results.

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