Hanse Orga launches ebXGlobal

Source: Hanse Orga

Hanse Orga is proud to announce the release of ebXGlobal - the software package that is completely integrated in the SAP standard with extensive functionalities for bank communication combined with a payment transaction portal and cash management.

ebXGlobal is a special combination of a transparent monitoring of payment transactions, the entire bank statement process and the functionalities of an extensive cash management. The central control element is the new Payment Transaction Monitor and the Cash Position Worksheet (CPW). Users have a current view of the liquidity situation of your subsidiaries and the liquidity status of the entire group at any time. Customers are able to realize a group-wide finance reporting with ebXGlobal, tailored to meet their specific needs.

A cockpit shows the up-to-date status information, a liquidity reporting the forecast for the entire group.

Advantages ebXGlobal

  • Central bank statement process (retrieve, forward, import to SAP, etc.)
  • Centralization of group-wide control of cash flows for SAP and non-SAP companies
  • Optimization of short, medium and long-term liquidity
  • Global cash management
  • Extensive standard reporting
  • Support of back, front and middle office
  • Automatic line and limit monitoring
  • Independent of accounting processes

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