Cognotec launches RealStream Liquidity Manager

Source: Cognotec

Developed and implemented by FX experts Cognotec, in partnership with industry leading FX institutions, Cognotec RealStream Liquidity Manager is a next generation liquidity aggregation solution which transforms the way banks and brokers manage their trading risk.

Cognotec RealStream Liquidity Manager uses proven, open FIX standard based adaptors to connect to multiple pools of liquidity. Whilst adopting market standards, these connectivity tools have been optimised to deliver ultra low latency connectivity to the top liquidity sources. The solution has been designed to bring direct access to primary sources of liquidity with fast, easy integration to new liquidity, facilitating flexibility in sourcing liquidity and ensuring best bid/offer execution.

Powerful pricing tools allow the creation of best bid/offer pricing, skewing and deriving of client and channel specific pricing for all quotation styles. This configurable targeted pricing ensures client retention and satisfaction whilst maximizing profitability.

The Cognotec RealStream Liquidity Manager Solution has a powerful rules based engine for deal execution and order management, which helps minimize trade rejects and re-pricing.

These features include:

  • Liquidity access: global access to all of the largest liquidity pools in the marketplace
  • Price Management: determine price based on real-time liquidity updates
  • Smart order routing: best bid/offer execution, sweeping and partial fills
  • Risk internalisation: real-time position management of trade flows
  • Hedging strategies: configurable hedging rules for greater risk control

These rules are critical to improving the overall client trading experience, maximizing flow to capture revenues and supporting business growth.

With increased focus on all aspects of risk management in today's trading environment, the Risk Management components of RealStream Liquidity Manager include position aggregation which optimises trading strategies by bringing position management closer to the trading decision, enabling exposures to be handled transparently and in real time. Its rules based hedging algorithms automatically manage risk exposures in real time and allow management to define clear risk tolerance parameters in order to automate execution against predefined criteria.

"This high performance liquidity environment provides brokers with an ability to build and manage their own liquidity based on their chosen providers in a venue designed to optimize the high quality of liquidity provided. This is a key success factor for any FX franchise" said John Beckert, President, Cognotec International.

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