Broadridge ships virtual shareholding meeting service

Source: Broadridge Financial Solutions

Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE:BR) today announced the launch of its Virtual Shareholder Meeting (VSM) service.

This service provides corporate issuers with the ability to conduct their annual shareholder meeting electronically - through streaming audio or video.

For the first time, companies will have the ability to host their meetings online with validated shareholders in attendance. Unlike a traditional webcast, the VSM service authenticates shareholders as they "enter" the meeting, allowing them to vote, ask questions, and participate in the meeting as though they are in attendance at the physical location. Companies in states that allow virtual meetings have the choice of conducting an independent virtual meeting or using the service in conjunction with their physical annual meeting. The VSM enables more shareholders to participate in an annual meeting, thereby facilitating transparency and good corporate governance practices.

"Broadridge is excited to offer live shareholder participation through our VSM service to corporate issuers. Our goal as an industry leader is to use proven technology and our wealth of experience in shareholder communications to create stronger connections between corporations and their shareholders," says Robert Schifellite, President, Investor Communication Solutions, Broadridge. "Broadridge has the highest level of infrastructure and data security in place to ensure that our clients' virtual meetings are supported by the most reliable technology available today."

To provide this new service, Broadridge partnered with TalkPoint, a producer of live Internet broadcasts. Talkpoint works in conjunction with Broadridge's VSM platform to provide a seamless interface for corporate issuers and their shareholders. "We are very excited to partner with Broadridge to offer this groundbreaking service," commented Nicholas Balletta, CEO of TalkPoint. "The VSM platform combines Broadridge's advanced investor communication solutions with our versatile webcasting capabilities to offer a unique and complete shareholder meeting experiencce."

The VSM is one of many in a growing suite of industry-leading electronic services that Broadridge is rolling out to improve shareholder communications. Included in these e-solutions are The Investor NetworkTM, Broadridge's investment-oriented social networking site created to serve the investment community, and the site's Shareholder Forum, which provides corporations the ability to engage in proactive, controlled and effective communications with validated shareholders.

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