Paysafecard launches pre-paid card for Internet

Source: paysafecard

Paysafecard group are already renowned for providing innovative online prepaid payment solutions.

The launch of their latest product further proves their pioneering expertise: Cash-Ticket will allow businesses to reach fresh new target groups addressing consumers' travel and shopping needs.

Cash-Ticket enables fast and safe payments for consumers of all ages as it requires no bank details or personal information allowing businesses to attain consumers who were previously unable, or simply didn't want to make purchases online. With the prepaid voucher Cash-Ticket, now everyone can, for example, benefit from the bargains only offered on the Internet or book cheap flights with low cost airlines that only offer tickets online. This means that together with their debut product paysafecard, which focuses on industries such as games and Internet telephony, paysafecard group are now covering an even wider range of markets.

"Cash-Ticket is a product that offers security for both parties," explains Michael Mueller, CEO of paysafecard group. "The merchant knows that payment is 100% guaranteed and the customers know that they are free from the risk of fraud," he points out. "Another benefit for businesses is the fact that there are no set up costs to accept Cash-Ticket as a payment method."

Mueller also highlights the importance of having a straightforward method to increase the number of completed transactions: "A high number of online shoppers 'drop off' at the check out page before making a transaction," he explains. "The aim for Cash-Ticket is to reduce that number."

Users can keep track of their balance and transactions online. The vouchers are available in denominations of £10, £25, £50 and £100. Up to ten vouchers to the value of £1000 can be used at once for larger payments.

Buying a Cash-Ticket incurs a one-off activation fee of £2 for the consumer, regardless of how much credit is purchased, there are no hidden costs or extra charges. After buying the voucher, users must then enteer a sixteen digit PIN code to make a payment.

"Initially, Cash-Ticket will be available in over 20,000 outlets nationwide in the UK," says David Hunter, UK CEO. "We feel this is a step towards making sure everybody has the option of making online payments safely."

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