Princeton Financial Systems upgrades DVS Publisher Suite

Source: Princeton Financial Systems

Princeton Financial Systems (PFS) presents version 2.0 of DVS Publisher Suite.

The new reporting solution automates reporting processes for investment committee reports, professional factsheets as well as monthly, semi-annual and annual reports, from production to distribution. PFS is a leading provider of portfolio management and accounting systems, investment compliance, data management, and reporting solutions to the global investment industry.

There are three major reasons for the high degree of complexity with reporting: reports have to be designed individually, they have to be generated regularly - usually daily - and they need to fulfill high quality and transparency requirements as they act as the interface to the customer. The manual setup of such documents is very time consuming: information has to be collected from different sources, needs to be quality assured, collated, edited and distributed to the recipients. All this needs to be completed within tight restrictions on time and cost.

With DVS Publisher Suite 2.0, reports are produced at a certain time, when an event occurs or based on specific data. They can be distributed automatically to individual recipients or predefined groups and are stored in a central repository. All automated processes are traceable at any time with the system's detailed logging.

Additionally, the reporting solution offers the possibility to save the underlying report data as a "snapshot". This facilitates manual editing of the report. The corresponding log file collects all changes in a clearly arranged way.

Preconfigured or self-defined report components are stored in the report repository and can be efficiently reused in different reports by means of drag-and-drop functionality. Based on the flexible rule definition capabilities for different layers of the report, intelligent reports can be designed. For example, it is possible to display a chart for duration allocation in a pension fund rather than one for sector allocation. With this rule-based behaviour, fewer reports need to be produced and maintained which increases reporting efficiency.

Ulf Herbig works in the area of quality management at Hauck & Aufhäuser Investment Gesellschaft S.A. and is a user of DVS Publisher Suite: "With DVS Publisher Suite we are able to react to different customer needs in a fast and flexible way without having to abandon our standard internal processes. We decided to use DVS Publisher Suite for annual and semi-annual reporting because this tool allows flexible data extraction, editing in accordance with our reporting needs, and automated quality controls. This way, we are able to produce high quality reports very efficiently."

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