Mi-Pay launches mobile remittance service in Sierra Leone

Source: Mi-Pay

Leading international mobile money services provider Mi-Pay, today announces a new win in Sierra Leone; making it the first West African country to benefit from Mi-Pay's online and mobile International Remittance solution.

The service will allow customers in the Sierra Leone corridor to use their mobile phone or the web to send/receive money payments to/from friends and relatives abroad - making it ideal for the region's many migrant workers, travellers and expatriates.

The announcement is one of many recent wins for Mi-Pay in Africa. It follows the launch of its domestic mobile money transfer solution in Sudan, which is undergoing roll out by agent-based Saraf Mobile across North Africa, and precedes the anticipated announcement of an East African mobile banking deal.

Norman Frankel Chief Executive of Mi-Pay comments, "As Africa seeks to achieve social and economic benefit through mobile services, it is leapfrogging developed world economies in its use of mobile payments. With our proven 'white-label' service solutions, global expertise and established African base, Mi-Pay represents a fast, low-cost, low-risk route for rolling out secure mobile payments platforms; making us a key strategic partner for the many mobile operators, banks, remittance companies, microfinance and agent based businesses seeking to invest in the Continent."

Kieron Osmotherly, Conference Director and host of the MMT Group on LinkedIn says, "Mi-Pay has the strategic insight, technical know-how and market-proven project management methodologies to make cross border mobile money transfers work. The launch of Saraf Mobile in Sudan has been one of the most talked about mobile money projects so far this year, so we look forward to seeing what Mi-Pay comes up with for Sierra Leone, when it presents at this year's MMT Africa Conference in May."

Mi-Pay provides a rich topup, transfer and banking mobile money solution, which it hosts on a white-label basis. It brings differentiation to its proposition by also running back-office business process functions, particularly around fraud, risk, payment management and in particular usability insight from the way customers use online an and mobile channels. It is this deep seated operational knowledge, borne from the experience of running live transaction services, that can be used by all industries interested in adopting mobile money.

Mi-Pay is offering its Mobile Money hub and business process management expertise on a white-label basis to mobile operators, remittance partners and financial institutions wishing to drive additional revenue and reduce churn from existing customers.

Mi-Pay is a founding member of the GSMA's Mobile Money Vendor programme and is active participant in the Mobile Money for the Unbanked programme.

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