Odyssey upgrades investment management platform

Source: Odyssey Financial Technologies

Odyssey Financial Technologies, a global provider of Private Wealth and Asset Management solutions and services, is unveiling the latest version of its proven InvestmentManager solution, creating one of the most sophisticated single platforms capable of covering all aspects of the investment process.

InvestmentManage v6 represents a significant advance, with Odyssey building on the system's long-standing track record, with a strong user base of over 250 investment specialists worldwide. The latest version is a uniquely specified single-source solution that supports an extensive asset range, with its comprehensive functionality encompassing decision support, performance measurement, attribution, scenario analysis, and risk management.

InvestmentManager v6 is designed as a fully integrated product that provides fund managers with the tools to meet their business objectives - by maintaining competitive edge, managing risk effectively, gaining and retaining clients, and controlling costs efficiently. Ideally suited to any business that directly runs investment funds, the system supports the full range of asset classes, including fixed income, equity, currency and derivatives.

Odyssey Financial Technologies' VP of Investment Management, Jem Tugwell, explains, "InvestmentManager is uniquely designed around the investment process, as a purpose-built decision support platform that delivers wide-ranging functionality for investment decision-making. Underpinned by a well-established and highly active user base within the global investment management community, InvestmentManager v6 represents the dynamic distillation of user requirements and our long-standing expertise. This is translated into a fast, high performance, next generation system, which will continue to evolve with future releases. The system has benefited from considerable investment over the past 24 months, building on its origins as a specialist, niche-oriented solution and reflecting Odyssey's global resources and expertise. Our approach revolves around working in global partnership with the investment management sector, understanding their evolving business requirements. InvestmentManager v6 is an important evolution, providing the next generation tools needed to stay ahead in an increasseasingly challenging market."

InvestmentManager v6 provides a complete front office solution, with key business-enhancing features including:

  • Control of investment risk, providing multi-asset, multi-currency coverage. Managing risk through external or internal pricing, looking at current position, past performance and future impact of defined stresses and scenarios, in absolute terms or relative to benchmark or model.
  • Reduction of operational risk, via an accountable single platform supported from a consistent data source.
  • Streamlined investment process, with the ability to manage multiple funds simultaneously.
  • Strategy support, with the powerful ability to mark trades and holdings with a particular strategy or trading rationale, thereby validating the decision process.
  • Analysis of investment returns, with comprehensive performance and attribution functionality, as well as flexible bucketing and strategy support facilities.
  • Future returns prediction through scenarios and stress testing, using user-defined timeframes for forward projection of returns for funds, benchmarks and strategies. Combined users can define scenarios for fund analysis.
  • Decision-making transparency through full historical time-series database, providing comprehensive fund manager and client reporting, including trend analysis, outlier identification and rationale behind decision-making.

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