Standard & Poor's introduces desktop data exploration tool

Source: Standard and Poor's

Report Builder is the latest application to be introduced into the investment research marketplace by Standard & Poor's Compustat(R), the leading provider in financial market intelligence. This robust screening and reporting tool provides powerful analytics that simplify access to the Compustat Xpressfeed database, empowering a broad array of users to quickly and easily take advantage of the rich data content available in the database without the need for complex programming languages. The application makes it easy to screen for companies, find index constituents and run relevant pre-defined reports or build fully customized models and tear sheets in Microsoft Excel.

Compustat Xpressfeed is a complex database that contains fundamental and market data on over 90,000 global securities, with annual and quarterly data history reaching back to 1950 and 1962 respectively. Report Builder provides Xpressfeed clients with a desktop tool to leverage that data breadth and depth, as well as Compustat's value-added knowledge in standardization, and balancing models through predefined reports. The state-of-the-art analytical engine seamlessly handles such universal problems as currency translation, adjustment factors and global reporting formats in order to present the Compustat data in the most accurate and useful fashion.

According to JP Tremblay, CFA, sr. director of product development for Standard & Poor's Compustat, "Report Builder was designed to abstract the complexity and intricacy of the data and data relationships from business users, allowing them to focus on using the data not on getting the data. We believe that Report Builder's intuitive navigation and flexible expression language will unleash the Xpressfeed content and enable analysts to get answers faster."

"During economic turbulence, it is important to be efficient in your analysis and model building," said Mitch Abeyta, managing director for Standard & Poor's Compustat. "The creation of Report Builder is inline with Compustat's objective of providing solution-oriented products. As a desktop application, our Report Builder lets you easily access our expansive data, and enables you to extend your business' investment dollars because you won't need to devote technical resources to do so. A firm that can focus on their theories and models and doesn't have to work on IT issues can spend more time on research and analysis - the stuff their clients need and what sets them apart from the competition."

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