FRSGlobal ships risk and profitability analysis tool

Source: FRSGlobal

FRSGlobal, the only provider of risk and regulatory reporting solutions with coverage for over 30 countries, today announced the launch of RiskPro TNG, its risk and profitability analysis solution.

When combined with FRSGlobal's newly named RegPro (formerly FinancialAnalytics), RiskPro TNG delivers risk profitability analysis and regulatory reporting on a single platform, sharing a single global data model, DataFoundation and a single CalculationEngine.

1. New product: RiskPro TNG provides a single, scalable, x-risk solution enabling financial institutions to analyse profitability and manage risk. RiskPro TNG has been developed against the backdrop of increasing pressure upon financial institutions to better manage risk - for example through stress testing cash flows and managing liquidity buffers - and supplying regulators with a more coherent picture of their overall risk exposure. RiskPro TNG provides a unique, advanced, fully integrated and consistent risk and profitability analysis set of solutions.

2. New unified risk and regulatory reporting platform: FRSGlobal is the first provider to present a unified risk and regulatory offering, and the only risk solution available with an integrated "contract-based design methodology" which overcomes the issues associated with the current silo approach that has evolved in many financial institutions.

Dr. Willi Brammertz, risk advisor at FRSGlobal, explains: "Any meaningful and timely financial analysis that's performed depends on the terms of the contract, market conditions, counterparty data and, of course, behavioural assumptions. Financial events are calculated from this key set of information where expected cash flows are calculated and derived. Expected future cash flows are the critical input from which all financial analysis elements can be accurately derived.

"The answer to the silo and consistency problems is a solution such as RiskPro TNG, using a scalable core calculation engine, operating upon integrated and consistent data. Creating reports for different analytical needs simply becomes a matter of selecting the appropriate reporting elements, filtering financifilterinring financial events and finally reporting the result according to the structure of the method of analysis."

By removing the barriers between siloed applications, which are considered by many to be largely responsible for the difficulties CROs encounter when compiling reports for senior management/Board and Regulators, firms can achieve real oversight of the contracts, and by stress testing and applying different treatments get results that enable them to make the right business decisions.

The internal and regulatory reports that the combined RiskPro and RegPro TNG solution provides are automated, accurate, and easily modified to suit regulators' demands in response to market conditions (for instance, in a crisis). The central repository of data and reports makes regulator audit visits more meaningful.

3. New technology: RiskPro TNG is also a completely re-engineered technology platform (J2EE, thin client, grid enabled, etc) to facilitate the processing of larger volumes of data at a far higher rate than previously available. This satisfies the industry-wide drive towards the processing of information across-asset classes, across-department, across-risk type and the demand for regular stress testing scenario analysis, combined with increased and more complex regulatory reporting that contains risk analysis information.

Selwyn Blair-Ford, Senior Domain Expert at FRSGlobal, commented: "With regulation evolving at a far quicker pace than has been experienced historically, coupled with the increasing complexity of market requirements, a gap had been left open for a solution which provides the industry with an offering to meet the regulators' requirements and demands for consistency, transparency and measurement of risk."

Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research Director, Cross Industry at TowerGroup, commented: "Leading risk management technologies are migrating toward more sophisticated and holistic platforms that serve to integrate market, credit, ALM, and operational risk. These platforms also offer the promise of efficiently meeting the plethora of compliance and reporting requirements that will evolve rapidly through 2010. Less obvious but even more important, an integrated platform encourages cross-departmental collaboration to manage risk on an integrated basis, enabled by a common framework, to help overcome the silos of risk management that exist today."

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