Monitise partners DeviceAnywhere on testing

Source: DeviceAnywhere

DeviceAnywhere, the leading global provider of mobile application testing and development, today announced that it is working with Monitise, the mobile money experts, to test Monitise's Mobile Money Manager across DeviceAnywhere's 2000+ devices and 30 operator platforms.

Monitise has created the world's first mobile banking ecosystems. These allow consumers to manage their money on the move, make payments, pay bills and top-up pre-pay accounts using their mobile phone. The service is available across the full range of mobile operators, handsets, and financial institutions so Monitise constantly ensures that it maintains an industry leading standard of device compatibility. Therefore, to create efficiencies in its testing process, Monitise turned to DeviceAnywhere, which gives its global test team access to 2000+ real devices, accessible from any location using DeviceAnywhere's web interface.

"Our belief is that everyone should be able to manage their money on the move using their choice of financial institution, mobile operator and handset. So ever since we first launched our service in October 2006 we have ensured that our Mobile Money Manager is available on the widest possible number of handsets," said Mike Keyworth, Chief Operating Officer for Monitise Group.

He continued, "Our test team ensures that we are constantly up to date with the latest handset trends in every market that we operate in. We need to test on new devices both quickly and easily. DeviceAnywhere allows us to test across thousands of handsets and numerous operator networks in a simple, effective and straight-forward manner that ensures our service is consistently available on the handsets that consumers want."

More and more consumers are performing mobile banking, and other financial activities, on their mobile devices. According to Informa Telecoms and Media's recent report, over the next five years almost 300 billion transactions, worth more than $860 billion, will be performed by users from their mobile devices.

"Mobile banking has seen incredible growth in the past few years, and the need for compatibility, security, and functionality is key to its continued success," commented Faraz Syed, CEO and Co-Founder of DeviceAnywhere. "In order to meet all of these requirements, mobile application testing is essential. We're pleased to be working with Monitise in order to help them ensure that their service is always available to the mass-market of consumers."

DeviceAnywhere is a revolutionary online service used by thousands of mobile organizations and their developers. It provides access to over 2,000 real mobile handsets that are each connected to live networks. These devices are accessible remotely over the Internet, allowing users to interact in real time to ensure all mobile application development, porting, testing, and monitoring needs are met. The DeviceAnywhere service uses actual, physical handsets to provide developers with the same experiences as having the devices in hand.


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