Jware Technologies and NEC form partnership

Source: Jware Technologies

Jware Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for innovative and service-oriented card processing management, and NEC, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation Japan, specializing in providing servers solutions for the professional market, today announced a partnership in order to provide powerful turn-key payment solutions installed on Fault Tolerant payment machines.

Under the partnership, the two companies will respond to the market request with the simplest, most flexible and high availability Cross-Border Gateway package. Brought by the SEPA, the cross-border acquiring will hugely modify the payment process across Europe. The goal for Payment Service Providers is to process a higher volume of transactions within Europe in order to decrease the cost of processing and to propose the smallest fees possible to merchants within the European Union. The availability and scalability of fast and easily deployed new services are the main differentiators.

Jware Technologies provides its front-end and back-end post-Internet card payment solutions which enables customers and partners to integrate and deploy new offers in a very short period of time. With the Jware Protocol Factory, the implementation and upgrades of new network protocols becomes easier to certify, to deploy and to maintain and thus, very simple and safe. The Jware solutions are multi-institution oriented, allowing PSPs to guarantee their customers a real and perfect isolation of settings and services.

NEC provides their powerful NEC Fault Tolerant machines. The aim of this solution is to protect against unplanned downtime (breakdowns) and also against planned downtime (updates, upgrades, etc...), of which the consequences can sometimes be underestimated. Offering an unmatched technological advance, NEC is in fact, the only player in the market with the power to offer its clients a complete business continuity infrastructure (Servers, storage, Cluster, DRP, continuous availability, Management Software) from the same manufacturer, and can provide a 99.999% level of availability.

"We found in the Jware card payment solutions to be a natural compliment to the NEC fault tolerance systems. Based on its unmatched software architecture, Jware provides solutions with a remarkable flexibility and availability, proven under several stress tests which we conducted. The entire package offers our partners and customers the reactivity and efficiency required by the payments world" said François Remi Monnier Sales Development Manager Infrastructure & Solutions from NEC.Computers.

NEC Fault Tolerant machines and JWARE solutions provide remote Web based operation and maintenance. This allows the daily remote operations of the Cross-Border Gateway to be fully available. Therefore, the price of the new Fault Tolerant machines, which are also high availability infrastructures, have been drastically reduced as only one machine is required. With no need for advice management or database replication tools, the effective cost of an FT machine is no longer an issue.

Emmanuel Dupont, CTO at Jware Technologies, said: "JWARE is increasingly solicited on cross border inquiries. To make the "Cross Border Gateway" package complete, JWARE can now propose a turn-key solution installed on powerful Fault Tolerant machines which guarantee 100% availability. The new machines make the high availability architecture simpler, because only one machine is required to provide 100% non stop hardware. This facilitates the installation, and of course the maintenance".

The benchmarks set at NEC offices by NEC and Jware Technologies have proven the high availability and great level of performance of this common payment package.
All of these great assets make the NEC / JWARE turnkey solution highly attractive.

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