Alpari (UK) launches automated FX trading platform

Source: Alpari

Alpari (UK), one of the world's fastest growing online foreign exchange (Forex) trading providers, today announced the launch of 'Systematic - Automated Portfolio Solution', a fully automated trading platform.

Suitable for Forex beginners and experts alike, Systematic is an introduction to the international currency market as well as an opportunity to enrich and diversify individual trading strategies.

In a few simple steps and without the need for previous programming experience, Forex investors can view the performance of over 70 automated trading strategies over the last 12 months, and then select any combination to create an individualised portfolio. Alternatively, less experienced Forex investors can choose from 20 predefined and time-tested portfolios and get started right away. Systematic will then follow the chosen strategies in the portfolio on behalf of the investor, eliminating the - often negative - emotional impact from manual trading.

Web-based, low-cost and user-friendly, Systematic requires neither subscription nor maintenance fees, and enables investors to constantly monitor the performance of their portfolio as well as optimise its composition at any given time. In addition and as an exclusive benefit for Alpari (UK) clients only, Systematic is fully integrated into existing Alpari accounts: with one account, customers can switch between fully automated trading through Systematic and manual trading through MetaTrader 4. Trades can even be opened in Systematic and closed in MetaTrader 4, and vice versa. Alpari (UK)'s clients now have a better overview of their portfolio and can react quicker, through the platform they prefer.

"Systematic - Automated Portfolio Solution is the perfect addition to our education and research offerings, Alpari Academy and Alpari Research," says Cyril Tabet, Head of Marketing at Alpari (UK).

"Alpari (UK)'s range of services now empowers both, the experienced Forex investors making informed and responsible decisions within the MetaTrader 4 manual trading environment, as well as the less experienced investors, with the opportunity to trade Forex through Systematic's fully automated trading solution. Some investors might also decide to use both approaches at the same time to diversify their trading strategy."

Systematic is not only covered in Alpari Academy's video tutorials, but is also available in a wide range of languages to service Alpari (UK)'s worldwide customer database.

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