Diebold teams with First Data, ACI and Brixlogic to demo IFX solutions

Source: Diebold

Diebold Incorporated,in conjunction with First Data Corp., ACI Worldwide and Brixlogic, will use an Opteva(R) advanced-function automated teller machine (ATM) powered by Agilis(R) software to communicate to ACI's transaction host using the new Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) message format.

IFX, an emerging standard message format that uses XML web technology,provides financial institutions with enhanced functionality of web technology and improved channel integration. The demonstration will take place at BAI's Retail Delivery Conference and Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nov.16-19.
"Diebold embraces new standards such as IFX technology and continuously works with our partners to drive this new technology and help customers migrate to IFX at their own pace in response to their particular business needs," said James Trocme, senior director of Global Software Products at Diebold. "Our Agilis software is a unique, customer-friendly product that provides a lower-risk evolution to IFX messaging, one transaction at a time, in addition to the all-at-once revolutionary transition offered by most vendors."
Diebold and First Data Debit Services lead the industry in support of emerging technologies by providing customers with a smooth migration to future technologies and a continued level of exceptional value.
Diebold uses Brixlogic's distinctive XML-based message protocol technology to process IFX transactions from Diebold's Agilis software. Brixlogic's XML contract-driven development studio enabled Diebold to dramatically increase the speed of its IFX implementation and readily obtain interoperability with ACI and First Data.
Brixlogic was instrumental in integrating customers' legacy systems and ensuring faster development of new services, as XML may become the communication standard across a financial institution's delivery channels.
"Diebold is leveraging our unique XML-based technology and helping us realize multi-channel banking integration," said Xavier Wartelle, CEO of Brixlogic. "Financial institutions will enjoy a dramatic reduction in the cost and time required to deploy new services, rules and policies across various customer touchpoints. And because IFX fosters interoperability among baroperability among banking systems, it's capable of providing another layer of openness within the realm of financial self-service solutions."
Diebold's IFX-based solutions will support the transition to standard XML-based messaging formats as customers are ready to upgrade or replace equipment. Based on the leading technologies used within Diebold's Agilis software framework, customers can efficiently migrate to emerging standards. The ability of Agilis software to simultaneously support a financial institution's existing infrastructure and emerging standards, including IFX, allows customers to migrate to next-generation technology at their own pace.

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