Quod Financial and e-Class on Italian venture

Source: Quod Financial

The opening of Italian markets in October last year to allow multilateral trading facilities (MTFs) and pan-European clearing providers has led to a notable increase in demand for adaptive execution platforms.

Quod Financial has responded to this with its partnership with e-Class.

e-Class, the digital publishing branch of Class Editori, an Italian publisher of financial news and data, has begun providing a hosted ASP version of Quod Financial's Adaptive Execution Platform (AEP) with the Online Trader application, enabling retail banks to offer their clients the ability to trade more effectively across multiple exchanges and asset classes. By providing adaptive trading technology, banks can capture more online retail trading volumes, which have increasingly become an essential part of their business in light of structural changes on the buy side.

Ali Pichvai, CEO Quod Financial said "Many retail customers are retaking control of their assets and demanding more sophisticated trading capabilities from their banks. This partnership expands upon our ongoing collaboration with e-Class and has already created a pipeline of potential customers who want adaptive trading tools. Our technology allows financial institutions to address investors' diverse needs and increase cash flows from their retail trading businesses."

The Italian investment market offers much potential for banks looking to expand their retail business, as investors have increased their appetite for equities and complex products such as derivatives. Through the partnership, e-Class will offer its existing market data client base an adaptive, multi-asset trading platform aimed at the sophisticated retail trader.

Quod Financial's AEP is flexible and can be implemented on a modular basis or across the enterprise to support order and quote management, trading specific CEP, exchange and middleware connectivity.

e-Class, along with Class Editori, boasts a strong position in the financial sector in Italy and already has large Italian financial institutions as clients., Class Editori also has a number of long standing working relationships with international partners such as with CNBC Dow Jones & Co.

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