Collis ships card data editor

Source: Collis

Collis announces the release of the Collis Card Image Editor; a new product designed to support both Issuers and Acquirers with card and terminal testing.

The Collis Card Image Editor is a powerful tool for editing EMV card data. It provides an intuitive, easy-to-use editing functionality of a 'snapshot' of data from a real EMV Card. It can be used to create & manage profiles (or card Images), and has been designed specifically with Issuers and Acquirers in mind. This unique tool is also a must for every consultant in the world of EMV. It replaces the various spreadsheets which are used today.

Collis Card Image Editor provides a virtual image of data from the EMV Card that can be saved as a card template for further use in the data preparation system. It can also be saved as a card image for further validation with the Collis Personalisation Validation Tool. This is very beneficial for Issuers and Personlisation Bureaus to reduce the number of iterations required before producing correctly personalised physical cards. In other words, no physical test cards need to be made anymore!

The same card images can be used with the Collis Card Simulator for the testing of payment terminals. This approach can greatly simplify the creation of sets of (simulated) cards for terminal testing which is especially beneficial for Acquirers and Merchants.

Berend van Geffen, VP Sales and Marketing, comments: "Collis is delighted to be the first in the market with such a unique offering. The Collis Card Image Editor is a result of several years' development, listening to feedback from customers currently using our test tools. We now provide the 'glue' that, in combination with other test tools in our portfolio, gives Issuers and Acquirers the ultimate flexibility and added value in card or terminal testing."

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