CorporatePay and Small World team on pre-paid MasterCard

Source: CorporatePay

CorporatePay is pleased to announce its partnership with the Small World Financial Services Group to provide a prepaid MasterCard card.

Small World has quickly grown to be one of the largest money transfer operators in Europe, sending money to over 100 countries worldwide through a number of brands, including LCC, UNO Money Transfer, Global Link Inernational, Express Funds, Universal de Envios and Bayba.

The first card programme, issued through Newcastle Building Society, will go live in March 2009 carrying the LCC brand and will be distributed through LCC's UK network of branches and agents, soon to be extended to its web site.

Myles Stephenson, CEO of CorporatePay commented: "Small World is an exciting group with impressive international growth. This prepaid card will be a great benefit to many of their customers; it will give them access to simple functions such as being able to share, spend and withdraw money.

The primary services that Small World businesses offer are Money Transfer and Cheque Cashing, and it's simple to see how an easy-to-use prepaid card will be welcomed by their customers.

The first card programmes will be for LCC and Global Link, two of the larger companies in the group. We expect several thousand cards to be issued during 2009 through these businesses alone, and we will continue to roll out the card programmes across the other subsidiaries.
Small World businesses approach every international community with respect, sincerity and honesty; CorporatePay is proud to be selected as partner and looks forward to an enjoyable and productive relationship."

Nick Day, Managing Director of Small World commented: "The launch of our prepaid MasterCard card was a priority for Small World during 2009. There is a clear demand from our customers, and this enables us not simply to offer them an additional service, but to become the solution of choice for European ethnic communities looking for retail financial services.

CorporatePay has a clear pedigree in delivering prepaid card programmes, and this was a key factor for us in selecting a partner who can support us through our growth. Honesty and professionalism are important to us and our customers, and we felt that the openness and level of knowledge within CorporatePay set them apart from their competition."

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