Franklin Bank and Trust chooses DCS card issuance technology

Source: Dynamic Card Solutions

Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), the leading instant card issuance and PIN selection provider for financial institutions, today announced that Franklin Bank and Trust has recently installed DCS' patented CardWizard software and FCP 20/20 printers to instantly issue unembossed Visa debit cards at the branch.

The Kentucky-based bank is one of the first financial institutions in the state to offer instantly issued unembossed "flat" debit cards to its customers.

Utilizing DCS' technology, Franklin Bank and Trust allows new customers who open a checking account, as well as existing customers who need a replacement debit card, to simply walk into the branch and receive an unembossed personalized card in a matter of minutes. The Visa debit cards are printed and presented to the customer at the time of their visit and can be immediately used when they leave the branch.

"Having the capability to issue customized debit cards immediately at account opening provides a great service because cardholders do not have to wait for their cards in the mail, and they immediately receive a card with a beautiful design on it," said Theresa Gann, E-Banking officer with Franklin Bank and Trust. "We have seen an increase in customers who have closed accounts at their previous banking location and switched to us simply because of the convenience and innovation we offer with the customized unembossed cards - everyone in the community wants one."

Franklin Bank and Trust offers a variety of images that cardholders can select for their card background including special 'local' community images. Once the background is selected, DCS' CardWizard software transfers all personalization data to the FCP 20/20 where the highly personalized card is securely and immediately printed in brilliant, high-definition color onto both sides of white blank card stock.

Also included is an advanced thermal printing of the three-digit CVV2 code on the back of the card, replacing the older rear indent method. The FCP 20/20's high-definition printing process with a highly protective film overlay provides greater permanence and durability - fully protecting the CVV2 code and all other printed data including background images, logos, PAN, cardholder name, expiry date, etc.

"The reliability of the printed CVV2 code with the FCP 20/20's film overlay is much better than the older rear indent method," said Gann. "We used to get numerous calls from customers asking what their CVV2 code was because the rear indent was worn away and they could no longer see it. The durability of this new and improved printed method is much more superior."

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