ILOG launches business rule management system for the .NET platform

Source: ILOG

ILOG (Nasdaq: ILOG; Euronext: ILO, ISIN: FR0004042364) a leading provider of enterprise-class software components and services, today launched ILOG Rules for .NET, a new product that will make modifying enterprise software to reflect the way business is done as simple as editing a Microsoft Word document.

The latest addition to ILOG's market-defining Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) product line, ILOG Rules for .NET is the first BRMS to fully leverage the Microsoft .NET platform, including the first to provide integration with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development tools and Microsoft SharePoint collaboration products and technologies.

By allowing business rule management and application development to be accomplished using familiar Microsoft programs and environments, ILOG significantly raises the bar in ease-of-use for enterprises worldwide that are increasingly relying on BRMS to increase business response times to changing regulations, customer demands and competitive threats.

BRMS are essential components of the enterprise architecture since they address the challenges created by faster business cycles and aging software architectures that can't accommodate change quickly enough. By allowing business users - and not just IT staff - to modify the IT infrastructure in real-time, as business conditions and strategies change, these tools have become essential to achieve business agility across the enterprise.

"The .NET community has been looking forward to the arrival of ILOG's business rules solution on its preferred platform," said Eric Groise, chief technology officer, OCTO Technology. "Now architects and developers will benefit from tools seamlessly integrated into Visual Studio .NET and can add business rules to their .NET based applications. Business users can now author and edit business rules within Microsoft Office and Windows SharePoint. The learning curve is short and the key features that made ILOG JRules a popular product are perfectly adapted to the .NET platform."

ILOG Rules for .NET product incorporates all the tools needed to manage business rules across their lifecycle for mission-critical applications, including:
  • ILOG Rule Solutions for Office. This feature allows policy managers and business users to author and modify business rules using the world's most mainstream productivity tool - Microsoft Office. By incorporating a point and click editor that uses a business rule language with a natural language syntax, users are able to increase productivity and reduce the learning curve in writing business rules.
  • ILOG Rule Studio for .NET. This set of plug-ins for Visual Studio .NET allows developers to author, test, and deploy business rules using a familiar Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and gives them - for the first time - the opportunity to develop business rule applications using the programming languages with which they are most familiar -- whether its C#, VB.NET or C++. The built-in integration with 3rd party source code control tools applies software development "best practices" to rule application development.
  • ILOG Rule Team Server for SharePoint. Built on top of Windows SharePoint Services, it serves as the single place for sharing and collaboration of business rules with policy managers and business people, and leverages features such as document and meeting workspaces, user presence, discussion boards, tasks and alerts. ILOG's rules repository system integrates with SharePoint to facilitate a central storage for all the business rules used collaboratively across an organization, ensuring consistency, facilitating access and sharing, while constantly managing business rules as corporate asset.
  • ILOG Rule Engine for .NET -- The heart of the ILOG Rules .NET product is equipped with a native .NET rule engine that has high performance and scalability and at the same time allows for seamless integration with any .NET application independent of architecture and programming languages used.

    ILOG is a Microsoft Certified Partner and the first business rule technology vendor to be a part of Microsoft's Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program which provides ILOG with deep technical and marketing resources for its products developed for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
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