Bats Exchange rolls out Smarts market surveillance technology

Source: Smarts Group

Smarts Group, the worldwide leader in market surveillance technology, today announced the completion of installation of the Smarts Integrity Platform on the Bats Exchange, the third largest exchange in the US.

BATS turns over approximately 12% of all US equities traded daily.

The SMARTS Integrity Platform, which is the most advanced and most widely used market surveillance technology, is now analyzing in real-time over 1 billion messages per day from BATS' high speed trading engine. BATS is the first exchange in the US to adopt SMARTS' surveillance technology - and the 39th worldwide. SMARTS delivered the surveillance technology necessary for BATS to fulfill its regulatory monitoring obligations as a listed US exchange.

The SMARTS Integrity Platform is the international financial community's preferred platform of real-time systems for market surveillance, market supervision, and market compliance.The platform is an integrated system that is installed on exchanges to monitor orders, trades and quotes to identify market violations including market manipulation, insider trading and other violations of stock market regulations and legislative requirements.

Ms Tami Schademann, BATS Chief Regulatory Officer said, "Together with the SMARTS team, we have developed and implemented a suite of real time market surveillances designed to meet our regulatory requirements."

Dr Michael Aitken, Founder and Chairman of SMARTS Group, said of the installation, "We are excited to have finalized installation of the SMARTS Integrity Platform on the first exchange customer in the US. BATS is a very progressive and technically advanced exchange. This was an exciting challenge because of the extreme performance requirements of the BATS exchange."

The implementation has established the capabilities of the next generation for the SMARTS software platform. "We are looking forward to scaling our solution to the increasing requirements of global equity markets and to implementing more projects in the US with its dynamic and exciting financial marketplace where we can have real impact," concluded Dr Aitken.

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