Epiphany launches Advisor suite for finance with support from IBM

Source: Epiphany

Epiphany, a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for consumer-oriented businesses, today announced the new Epiphany Advisor for Retail Finance solutions with key industry support from IBM.

The new family of financial service solutions, which includes industry-specific versions of Epiphany Insight Advisor, Epiphany Interaction Advisor and Epiphany Lead Advisor, is designed to add specific high-value processes that improve customer profitability by making every customer interaction more intelligent. Epiphany Advisor for Retail Finance helps retail finance firms address the challenges of creating organic growth by increasing share of wallet and number of products held from existing customers. The solutions add intelligent processes to drive customer profitability by augmenting existing systems in the retail branch, contact centre, IVR, Web site and ATM. The Epiphany Advisor solutions give retail finance firms new ways to drive customer value by enhancing existing customer systems.

"Epiphany and IBM are helping financial services institutions create a tailored experience for each customer," said Bryan Lee, worldwide lead for retail banking solutions, IBM. "The Epiphany Advisor family is a great complement to IBM's Multi-Channel Transformation solutions. By providing a consistent customer experience across all channels, delivered through solutions that leverage existing systems, retail financial services firms can increase revenue, cut costs and improve profitability."

IBM Multi-Channel Transformation solutions help link sales channels to provide a consistent customer experience and create a single view of the customer, regardless of channel. The solutions help banks create a tailored banking experience for each customer, improve the ability of branch personnel to understand and anticipate customer needs, and obtain cost efficiencies through more effective branch operations. Both the IBM Multi-Channel Transformation and Epiphany Advisor for Retail Finance solutions help address business problems facing retail financial services firms, including integrating data from multiple systems, quickly identifying optimal methods for customer interactions, and improving sales conversion rates.

"We've seen improvements in both revenue and profitability since deploying Epiphany Interaction Advisor across multiple channels," said Adrian Burch, head of Retail Sales, HBOS. "We needed a solution that could leverage our customer information to deliver the right leads to the right specialists at the optimal time. Epiphany has helped us to enhance our sales through service capability using intelligent customer interactions to optimise offers across our full range of Retail Banking products. Given the return on investment that HBOS has achieved to date with Epiphany, we are thrilled that it is building out additional Epiphany Advisor solutions for the financial services market."

"This support from IBM helps us extend our strong presence in the financial services market with solutions that retail finance companies need to enhance their businesses to remain competitive," said Karen Richardson, CEO, Epiphany. "The Epiphany Advisor solutions are designed to help retail finance companies optimise their customer interactions with intelligence to drive revenue and increase profitability, without requiring them to replace their existing systems."

Epiphany Advisor for Retail Finance

Optimised for the needs of financial institutions with best practice data models, business processes, and campaign templates, Epiphany Advisor for Retail Finance increases bank profitability by bridging systems, channels and product silos to boost customer value. Epiphany Advisor for Retail Finance helps create an intelligent view of customer relationships, optimise cross-sell and lead referral processes, and establish a more consistent customer experience across disparate business units and systems. It does this by augmenting existing systems in the retail branch, contact centre, IVR, Web site and ATM - without requiring the bank to "rip and replace" existing applications or to replicate data across the enterprise.

Epiphany Advisor for Retail Finance, which includes Epiphany Insight Advisor, Epiphany Interaction Advisor and Epiphany Lead Advisor, is designed to support retail finance best practices by providing: instant intelligence about customer relationships; optimal cross-sell and retention offers; intelligent lead referral across systems; and flexible implementation options. Each Advisor adds value individually, and is designed to work even better when implemented along with the other Advisor solutions.

* Epiphany Insight Advisor: Epiphany Insight Advisor gives customer-facing employees a context-sensitive snapshot of the complete customer relationship across divisions, products, and channels.
* Epiphany Interaction Advisor: Epiphany Interaction Advisor helps businesses drive consistent, intelligent interactions throughout the enterprise by delivering the most appropriate message to any customer touchpoint in real time.
* Epiphany Lead Advisor: Epiphany Lead Advisor helps unify a company's varied processes and systems, creating a consistent way to capture and close revenue-generating sales leads across business units.

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