Citi enhances treasury analytics service

Source: Citi

Citi today announced that it has enhanced its custody and investor services capabilities with new online reporting functionality to help clients address the regulatory reporting requirements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Statement 157 (FAS 157).

These new enhancements increase transparency and allow clients to manage their portfolio holdings more efficiently than before. The enhancements include addressing the fair value requirements for investments and generating disclosures with greater control and detail than previously offered in the market. As a part of this upgrade, Treasury Analytics reports generate required FAS 157 disclosures and integrate FAS 157 with daily compliance, risk, accounting and performance reporting in an automated and auditable process.

Treasury Analytics is an investment analytics reporting tool that offers integrated reporting on risk, compliance, accounting and performance measures across a portfolio of investments. Providing data critical for management oversight and risk mitigation, this service is key to treasurers, and portfolio managers in managing assets, fulfilling regulatory reporting requirements and addressing fiduciary responsibilities while providing executive, compliance/audit and board reporting at a moment's notice.

Treasury Analytics is available through Citi's web portal, CitiDirect for Securities, and can be coupled with other services for investor and corporate clients.

"Our clients are being challenged to do more with fewer resources, especially in terms of fulfilling reporting requirements and fiduciary responsibilities, such as in the case of FAS 157," said Craig Dudsak, Global Custody North America Region Head, Citi. "And these new services provide them with comprehensive insights into and greater oversight across their portfolios. We look forward to helping our clients meet the needs of an ever changing marketplace."

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