Inpay expands online banking network to 25 countries

Source: inpay

Inpay, a leading provider of alternative payment options for webshops, today announced that it has expanded its online banking network to cover a total of 25 countries.

With this expansion inpay has cemented its position as the leading provider of worldwide instant online bank payments for the e-commerce industry.

"With 25 countries we demonstrate that inpay is a truly global alternative payment provider," says Henrik Skov Andersen, CEO and President of inpay, "The current financial crisis has made it more important than ever to optimise your business without increasing costs. And this is exactly what we do for our customers. By adding inpay as an extra payment option, merchants increase sales and reduce fraud - and with a processing fee that is typically 30% lower than credit cards, adding inpay as an extra payment option is an easy choice."


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