Morgan Beaumont signs two to card loading technology

Source: Morgan Beaumont

Morgan Beaumont, Inc. (OTCBB:MBEU), a premier provider of Stored Value and Debit Card solutions, announced that it has signed a Contract with Transaction Management, LLC and Security Bank to provide Morgan Beaumont's POS software and retail load locations to expand the national footprint of card loading technology to load cash on debit cards.

Under the Contract, Morgan Beaumont will supply POS debit card load software, and access to the retail load locations, which will allow Transaction Management and Security Bank to expand their national bill payment platform of 600 merchant locations to an expected 3,000 in 2005. In addition, debit card loads through Security Bank's EmpaSys system are instant, allowing immediate use of cash to customers without the industry traditional 2-3 day delay in accessing funds.

Cliff Wildes, CEO of Morgan Beaumont, stated, "We are very excited to be working with Transaction Management and Security Bank to provide the POS technology components and standards for loading Debit and Stored Value Cards on a national footprint. The ability to offer our retail locations a robust bill payment solution in addition to the debit card loading platform gives those locations a service their consumers will find extremely valuable."

Wildes went on to say, "Morgan Beaumont has spent considerable time and money developing proprietary technology with open standards to allow Debit and Stored Value Card programs issued from any bank and any processor to have cash loaded on them at any location powered by Morgan Beaumont technology. This Contract with Transaction Management and Security Bank furthers our business model. To our knowledge Morgan Beaumont is the only card issuer that: has developed/owns it own technology, has an open network, a national footprint, a MasterCard Third Party Processor license, a business model that will allow any card program from any bank and any processor, enables Patriot Act compliance at the retail level, and has current agreements and is working with multiple banks and processors."

Larry Scudder, CEO of Transaction Management, was quoted as saying, "We are extremely pleased to have a partner such as Morgan Beaumont. Having access to their POS software expands our market exponentially."

This arrangement is significant to Morgan Beaumont because the instant cash access feature will increase consumer satisfaction and convenience, further solidifying Morgan Beaumont's position as a premier provider of Debit cards in the US. The combination of instant debit card loading and bill payment services provides the consumer with instant gratification and builds long-term loyalty. Merchants will also benefit from the added ability to offer bill-paying services in addition to card loading across Morgan Beaumont's national POP network. Morgan Beaumont's platform also provides banks with Patriot Act Compliance at the retail level. With an estimated 33 million "unbanked" and "underbanked" US citizens seeking alternative financial products, the market for Morgan's platform appears poised for tremendous growth.

Morgan Beaumont's management team estimates that each card in its system is worth $36-$120 per year in recurring revenue, while each POP location is worth approximately $1,500 per year in recurring revenue. As announced in its September 7, 2004 press release Morgan Beaumont currently has 16,000 load locations. The company is on target to exceed its 2004 projections of 20,000 load locations nationwide and has current signed agreements in place that should allow the company to hit its goal of 100,000 locations in 2005. The company has also set a target of having approximately 3 million cards accessing these locations by end of 2005.

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