USAble Life selects SunGard iWorks

Source: SunGard

USAble Life has selected SunGard's iWorks to help it build, deploy, administer and sell group insurance and worksite products as well as provide a Web-enabled business environment to its clients and partners.

Using SunGard's iWorks' voluntary/worksite environment, USAble will be able to offer its clients greater flexibility in terms of the benefits and services it provides.

SunGard's iWorks will help USAble Life process its business more efficiently through automated enrollment and self-service portals, as well as through the solution's automatic payroll deduction and direct member billing capabilities. SunGard's iWorks provides the ability for insurers to create tailored insurance products with Web-connected administration and a service-level experience through the life of a policy.

USAble Life will use SunGard's iWorks solutions for group and voluntary insurance product administration, and for financial accounting and reporting. SunGard's iWorks Compass will help support client service, billing, collections, claim administration and help the company manage and grow its traditional and voluntary worksite group life, disability, dental, cancer and critical illness insurance offerings.

SunGard's iWorks Compass, combined with SunGard's iWorks Enterprise Accounting and Enterprise Filing Systems, will provide USAble Life with a centralized financial repository. SunGard's iWorks will support USAble Life's financial accounting and statutory reporting needs as well as its statutory filing requirements with state insurance departments and the NAIC, while providing a central data resource from which to perform analysis and risk assessment of its business. By providing a central repository of data, SunGard's iWorks will help USAble to achieve greater accuracy, more timely tracking of financial information and greater visibility across its business lines.

Stu Rubinstein, executive vice president of Life and Disability for USAble Life, said, "SunGard's iWorks will help us deliver integrated solutions to our clients in conjunction with our Blue Plan partners. We will use SunGard's iWorks to show our clients the value we bring to to our services and claim management techniques through sound data and reporting."

Greg Webber, president of SunGard's insurance business, said, "USAble Life is dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients through a competitive spectrum of products and services. SunGard's iWorks will help it to deliver on that promise by providing the ability to quickly add and tailor new products and services and enhance the user experience. SunGard's iWorks helps insurers achieve greater agility and resilience by providing a solution suite that can easily adapt to changing business conditions and operational requirements."

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