TraderTools connects to Hotspot FXi

Source: TraderTools

TraderTools Inc. (TraderTools), a provider of business solutions, software and services to financial institutions trading FX, announced today that its Liquidity Management Platform (LMP) now includes direct access to the Hotspot FXi foreign exchange ECN.

TraderTools integration with Hotspot FXi offers TraderTools' customers increased choice as to how they interact with FX liquidity, viewed with the full depth of market offered in TraderTools' LMP. In addition, trades can be executed automatically against this liquidity based on smart order routing rules.

"The connectivity to Hotspot FXi enhances the growing list of liquidity providers already integrated with our Liquidity Management Platform," said Mark Mayerfeld, Executive VP, International Sales at TraderTools. "Because our LMP draws on liquidity from multiple sources, we empower our customers with a real-time 'best-price' engine."

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