Fidessa LatentZero trumpets EMS Workstation take-up

Source: Fidessa

Fidessa LatentZero, one of the world's leading providers of front-office software to the buy-side has announced an increase of almost 60 per cent in users of its EMS Workstation in 2008, a year which saw it take top prize at the Buy-Side Technology awards for the second year in a row in December.

The increase takes the total number of EMS Workstation clients to around 190.

The EMS Workstation is an internet-deployed, broker-neutral low-latency trading platform for equities and equity derivatives. It is available as a standalone workstation, as a staged solution from any OMS or order source through FIX, or as part of Fidessa LatentZero's Minerva OEMS, the market's first order and execution management system. The workstation is a truly global offering, providing out-of-the-box access to more than 115 execution venues and 360 brokers worldwide. It offers integrated access to algorithms from over 40 brokers, and TCA is incorporated from Citigroup, Credit Suisse, UBS and BARX. Global market data and news is fed in from Fidessa's high-performance ticker plants. Due to its broker neutrality, clients have complete control over which brokers they trade with, enabling them to diversify and reduce risk by doing their own DMA.

The first phase of development in 2009 saw the integration of the Fidessa Fragmentation Index (FFI) which was completed at the end of January. Launched in 2008, the FFI has quickly emerged as the definitive measure indicating how trading is fragmenting across established and new venues. The focus for the EMS in 2009 will be the addition of US options and improved handling of program trades.

Russell Thornton, EMS product manager at Fidessa LatentZero, comments: "We've been investing heavily in extending the functionality and coverage of the EMS over the last twelve months and it's great to see this uplift in clients as a result. Our continued focus on our clients' functional and connectivity priorities coupled with the low cost of the system, and the confidence afforded by Fidessa's global backing makes our EMS a powerful solution."

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