BT partners Corvil on network latency management

Source: BT

BT today announced it has joined forces with Corvil, an innovator of electronic trading latency management systems, to broaden BT's low latency portfolio beyond connectivity and hosting and into network latency management.

By working with Corvil, BT can now help financial institutions experience greater transparency of network latency challenges across the enterprise, and in particular, for networks used for high frequency electronic trading. As a part of the agreement, BT will leverage CorvilNet, a leading latency management system developed by Corvil that monitors, analyzes and optimizes electronic trading infrastructures against ultra-low latency objectives encompassing market data feeds and order execution traffic. In addition to CorvilNet, BT will provide a dedicated team of business consultants and IT specialists from its 10,000 strong Global Professional Services division that will analyze the reports, identify the hotspots and make recommendations to optimize a customer's infrastructure.

Joanne Kinsella, Head of Portfolio, BT Global Financial Services, said: "When considering how to reduce latency, the first step is to measure it. By working with Corvil and leveraging their expertise, we can now provide a critical line of sight into the network, which can further reduce latency and improve trading competitiveness."

Donal Byrne, CEO, Corvil said: "BT is committed to providing its capital markets clients with an optimized infrastructure in support of low latency and high frequency trading. We coined `Latency Management System' to describe a new paradigm, driven by CorvilNet, in which the control and oversight of latency reduction, measured in microseconds, can yield a significant competitive advantage to electronic traders and markets."

In addition to expanding its efforts in network latency management, BT also remains committed to its existing low latency connectivity portfolio, which includes Radianz Ultra Access and Radianz Proximity Solution. Radianz Ultra Access enables sub-millisecond connectivity between brokers and execution and market data venues in New York and Chicago and soon London. Radianz Proximity Solution locates trading engines near execution venues to reduce market data and trading latency.

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