Neonet offers trading in gold derivatives on Eurex

Source: Neonet

Neonet, the neutral provider of global direct market access brokerage services and trading technology, is expanding its derivatives offering with new Eurex gold futures. Neonet connected to Eurex in February 2008 and today's announcement marks a continuation of this beneficial relationship so that all clients have access to an even fuller derivative offering.

"It's exciting that we are now expanding our offering with commodities trading. By allowing trading in gold futures at the international derivatives exchange Eurex, we are able to provide our clients with easy access to the gold market", says Simon Nathanson, President and CEO at Neonet. "We are connected to over 35 global marketplaces and we want to provide our clients with great choice when it comes to where, and in whatever, they can trade."

The USD-denominated derivatives will be based on the gold fixing of the London Bullion Market, referenced to the largest gold spot market in the world. The fixing, provided by The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. and first established in 1919, is an international benchmark used by consumers, producers, investors, banks and central banks.

Market makers have agreed to provide quotes in the order book.

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